A 2 day life changing hike near Mexico City

This post is the result of a scouting assignment I did for Dopamina.travel  I was solo in this hiking trip, hopefully i could soon lead and will definitely write about that experience.

I’m sure that there might be longer, more technical and harder routes out there, but this spectacular hike is perhaps the best way to start if you are considering taking your hiking efforts to new heights….

By saying this I’m not implying that it’s easy, it’s not, at all.

Day 1 it’s a 27 k hike that presents the additional challenge of being almost entirely done at an average of 3,200 meters above sea level so if you are not climatized properly it could be a little trickier.

This day we hike trough several hills inside the a forest full of oyamel trees and pines, a couple beautiful valleys. and almost at the end a downhill hike that will definitely put your legs to the test.

Once the hike is done, we spend the night at an incredible ecological lodge on the edge of a lake, ran by locals from the nearby village of Corral de Piedra, amazing food and beautiful views of the valley and surrounding hills.

Day 2 Is a 25 k hike that starts uphill, but after some time everything turns downhill and can get quite challenging. The hike features amazing views of immense valleys and hills that served as refuge from religious prosecution during last century´s  “Guerra Cristera”.when there was a rupture between church and government between 1926 and 1929. 

The finish point if a Buddhist Stupa where a meditation session is a more than apt closing of this amazing hike…