A glimpse of Oaxaca on Day of the dead

Day of the dead is one of Oaxaca´s most recognizable traditions.

On this post I´ll be talking a little bit about what to expect if you are planning to visit.

A couple of days ago, Oaxaca was named No. 1 in T + L best cities in the world.

I´d like to point out that this festivity is not about celebrating or worshiping death.

Day of the Dead is a moment in the year when our loved ones who have passed away come back to visit.


Walking its streets expect people from all over the world mixed with locals, color, music, costumes, altars and many smiles.


Both in Oaxaca and nearby villages cemeteries are decorated with flowers and candles.

This serves as a guide, so the loved one who is coming to visit has an easier time finding its way from the underworld.


The food of course is one of Oaxaca´s most recognizable things, street food with locals, markets, traditional cooking lessons, world class restaurants are amongst many things that make Oaxaca the quintessential food destination in Mexico…


Oaxaca´s surroundings contribute with a pinch of magic in a very big way.

A drive of less than hour and half away from downtown Oaxaca leads to plenty of stuff to do.

To name a few: The 2000 year old Tule tree, Sierra Norte mountain Range, hierve el agua petrified falls, mezcal factories, archeological sites, alebrije & black pottery workshops, wool rug

Putting aside cemeteries, altars, marigolds and costumes, basically everything else I listed here can be done all year round.

So get ready for Oaxaca!!!!

Ive hosted tours in Oaxaca durng Day of the dead for both Dopamina and Reefs to Rockies