Day trip to las coloradas Yucatan…

If you are planning to visit the pink lakes at Las Coloradas in Yucatan so you can capture a couple of cool pictures, there are a few things you should know ahead of the trip so you are better prepared.

  • ⁠The pink lakes are not natural, they are man made and are part of the second largest sea salt farm in all of Mexico. The process that turns the water pink is a natural process, but the setting is not natural.
  • Its a 2.5 Hour drive from either Mérida or Cancun.
  • In order to reach the best photo spots, you have to enter a restricted area that has a cost of $ 50.00 pesos per person and you have to be accompanied by a local guide, but you can stay outside and still get some nice captures.
  • You are not allowed to swim or dip your feet in the pink water.⁠
  • You wont be able to recreate some photos you might have seen of people in swings, decks or using inflatable flamingos inside the pond, all of those were taken during sponsored photo shoots where some companies paid big bucks to rent the space and create those settings.
  • Expect crowds.

The following advise comes from several years of experience leading tours to this location and listening to feedback from my customers, and comments from fellow guides, local guides, park rangers, friends and family.

  • Rent a car and drive there.
  • Pay the $ 50.00 pesos and have the local guide take you inside the ponds, they know the best spots for cool pictures and also will explain the entire process of salt farming which itself is very very cool and interesting.
  • Make a quick stop at the conveyor band to take look at the huge mountain of salt.
  • Visit Cancunito beach after you visit the pink ponds.
  • Take a boat ride in Rio Lagartos, a 2.5 hour ride inside the lagoon, to visit the flamingo flocks, as well as searching for wildlife inside the mangrove, take the “Mayan Bath” and visit a beach.
  • Eat amazing seafood either in “El Popular Vaselina” in San Felipe or “El Perico Marinero” in Rio Lagartos.

You can also hire a guided tour, most of the companies that offer this location pretty much do all of the above activities, but i find that its more enjoyable if you do it on your own.

Hopefully this advise will lead you to have a more enjoyable day when you visit Las Coloradas, in Yucatan….